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A New Draught Beer Experience

Heineken’s new BrewLock system is a revolutionary draught beer solution that ensures a perfect glass of draught Heineken with no added CO2, just as the brewmaster intended. CKSK worked with Heineken to bring this innovative solution to market across North America.


Design Process

CKSK led the design of the platform for launch at all scales, from strategy and brand through to digital training materials, consumer applications and technology development. This iterative design process identified that consumer education was the key challenge to adoption of this breakthrough product, and we created mechanisms that effectively demonstrated BrewLock’s unique value to drinkers and trade.


Field Research

Field research in the on-premise ensured that CKSK accurately captured the challenges at point of purchase. Our observation led to a deep understanding of the customer challenges for BrewLock and yielded a mobile-first, education-focused recommendation.

Trade Education Platforms

To better onboard Heineken’s strategic customers in the trade, CKSK built a comprehensive suite of online training tools, video assets and interactive calculators. Our efforts ensured that trade members onboarded to the Brewlock program had the necessary information and tools available for successful execution.


Mobile Technology

A comprehensive mobile platform for end-consumer engagement and education was developed. Design phase, development, deployment and ongoing management was undertaken by respective disciplines within CKSK. This location-aware mobile solution ensured that consumers could locate bars serving Brewlock. Furthermore, using augmented reality and optical recognition, it could identify a Brewlock tap and educate consumers on how its components functioned. The technology was packaged with a sweepstakes mechanic to incentivize engagement and education.

Business Success

Brewlock continues to be one of Heineken’s leading North American successes. Distribution growth in the on premise is faster than any other draught line system with a comparable rate of purchase amongst consumers.

This completely new approach to a digital first, on-premise focused technology launch was conceived and brought to market in 10 months – a staggering success for such a formidable change in education and behavior for strategic partners, customers and consumers alike.