As an independent agency we build everything with efficiency in mind. We have learned to structure our teams to ensure that a member of every discipline is involved throughout the process. We work faster, leaner and more effectively to solve our clients’ digital challenges.


Our strategists are led by user and human experience. Applying design thinking as a process we get to the heart of how users experience your brand, and use these insights to redefine and optimize your digital platforms.

–  User Research
–  Focus Groups
–  Human-Computer Interaction
–  Customer Journey Planning
–  Mobile Strategy
–  Future Technology Analysis

–  Competitive Analysis & Audit
–  Content Strategy
–  Social & CRM Strategy
–  Product Strategy
–  Change Management
–  Executive Digital Coaching


Interaction Design (IxD) and User Experience (UX) go hand in hand at CKSK to craft beautiful solutions that are useful to real users, whether they’re consumers, customers, or internal teams.

–  User Experience
–  Visual Design
–  Interaction Design
–  Human-Computer Interaction
–  Service Design
–  Wireframing

–  Prototyping
–  Information Architecture
–  Multivariate (A/B) Testing
–  Persona Modelling
–  Identity & Guideline Design
–  Testing


Our engineer team has an award-winning track record delivering technology from legacy enterprise solutions to lightweight open source stacks. Whether developing responsive web, e-commerce or mobile applications, our engineers find the most valuable solution for your business needs.

–  Responsive Front-end Engineering
–  Application Development
–  Mobile Applications
–  Web Applications
–  E-Commerce

–  Content Management Systems
–  Systems Integration
–  Technical Consulting
–  Testing (UAT & QA)
–  System Maintenance


Harnessing the power of data, whether user generated from your customers or internal systems is vital for future commercial success. Our data team work with you to integreate data in every part of your business, giving you deeper business intelligence, custoer insight and clearer measurement every step of the customer journey.

–  Data & Systems Audit
–  Data Strategy & Implementation
–  Consumer Data Analytics
–  Marketing & Social CRM Analysis

–  Data Visualization
–  Data Monetization
–  Predictive Modelling
–  Goal Setting & Benchmarking


Our Community Strategists and Management team understand the rapidly evolving channels and user behaviors that define the social media landscape. Their expertise creates and fosters communities to support brand advocacy and customer services.

–  Social Audit
–  Community Strategy
–  Soical Channel Strategy
–  Campaigns

–  Community Magagement
–  Influencer Management
–  Crisis Management
–  Analytics


The technology landscape continues to reshape traditional business verticals. Our Senior Executive team works closely with legacy businesses and organizations to formulate strategies for leading category disruption.

–  Data Readiness Audit
–  Innovation Consulting
–  Executive Digital Coaching
–  Digital Infrastructure Monetization
–  Digital Change Management

–  Digital Restructuring
–  Cross Functional Education
–  Benchmarking
–  Digital Product Development
–  Data Monetization